Thursday July 27, 2006

H is For...

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H is For...

  • Hacker - Being a hacker is a good thing. In recent times, the word has been misused by the media, but it originally had only positive connotations. The basic difference is this: hackers build things, crackers break them.

  • Hair - My hair is a medium auburn color and wavy (not curly). I like my hair. It kinks up in humid weather, which we had a lot of when I was living in Pennsylvania and Maryland. However, the weather in Northern California, where I live now, is perfect. My mother used to occasionally suggest I "do something about my hair". I don't think she had in mind my moving to California, but it worked.

  • Harry Homeowner - When Rich and I are doing some sort of project for the house, we say we're channeling "Harry and Harriet Homeowner". Rich will say "I'm going to be Harry for a while" or I'll say "I have a project for Harry".

  • Heater cats - We refer to our cats as the Heater Cats. The name comes from a sketch on Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion". Heater A heater cat is a Big Warm cat, suitable for Minnesota winters. Buy a big coat with four pockets sewn into the inside of the front, then pop a heater cat into each pocket... At night, they keep you warm in bed. Heater cats are bed warmers, lap warmers, and life warmers.

  • Heffalump - Help Help, a horrible heffalump! A heffable horrilump! If you don't know heffalumps (and woozles) you need to read more Winnie the Pooh stories.

  • Hickory Nuts - I love hickory nuts. They're shaped like a round pecan and have a flavor that's reminiscent of maple. My grandmother used to bring hickory nuts when she'd come to visit.

  • HTRCATS - one of our license plates.

  • HTRCATZ - our other license plate.

  • Hummingbirds - we get these frequently in our back yard. I love to have a hummingbird hover a yard or so in front of me, cocking its head from side to side, trying to decide if I might be a flower.

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