Wednesday July 19, 2006

G is For...

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G is For...

  • Gargoyle - I enjoy Gargoyles (sometimes called "grotesques". I visited the Yale campus once; there are lots of gargoyles. We have a small flying gargoyle protecting the front of our house.

  • Garnet - My birthstone is garnet. I'm very fond of garnets because they are also my favorite color.

  • Geek - A term that is finally losing its connotation of headless chickens. Nevertheless, I prefer to call myself a techie.

  • Ginger Ale - After iced tea, my next favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Ginger Ale. If I want a nice non-alcoholic drink in a restaurant, I'll often order Ginger Ale with lime.

  • Glasses - I wear glasses. I do not wear contact lenses and have no particular desire ever to do so. (put something in ,y eye? Are you out of your mind?!?)

    Although we knew I was myopic when I was 4 or 5 years old, I didn't get glasses until third grade. Apparently, the optometrist said, "We'll give her glasses when she needs to see the chalkboard.". I don't know why they waited. As soon as I knew I was going to have glasses, I started wearing a pair of empty frames I'd found.

  • Google - You can't do "G" without Google. A great search engine is Google.

  • Grand Marnier - Grand Marnier is very nice to sip in small quantities; it's also exquisite inside liqueur-filled chocolates or truffles.

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