Tuesday July 11, 2006

F is For...

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F is For...

  • Fantasy - One of my favorite fiction genres for reading.

  • Feet - Specifically, feline feet. I love cat paws. Ooooh. Feline foot fetish!

  • Felines - Cats cats, and all things feline from domestic puddy tats to siberian tigers. Prrrrrrrrrr.

  • Fire Agate - My favorite gemstone. Rich introduced me to these.

  • Fireworks - I dearly love to watch fireworks displays. Where we live now, we can see small displays throughout the surrounding neighborhoods on both the 4th of July and New Years Eve.

  • Fog - Shortly after we moved to California, we rented a house in Pacifica. We had fog. Lots of fog. I remember once, coming back once from a trip, taking a taxi from the airport. "Stop here", we said. "Where?", asked the driver. "At this stop sign.", we said. "Where?!?", asked the driver.

    Now we live a little further inland., We still get fog but it rarely reaches the ground and there's no problem with seeing the stop signs (or the intersection, the other cars, the pedestrians...)

  • Forensic Science - For my first stab at grad school, I enrolled in a Forensic Science program at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. Forensic Science is... interesting but I realized (in less than a month) that wasn't cut out for a career in that field, so I switched back to Microbiology.

  • FORTRAN - The first programming language I learned, back in 1976, was WATFOR (University of Waterloo FORTRAN IV)

  • Fur - No outfit is complete without cat fur. (Again with the cats. Hey, this is me; you take what you get. >^,,^<

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