Saturday July 8, 2006

Treasures 2006_27

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.
-- Karl Lagerfeld

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, that make me feel happy or thankful or interested. Treasures are memories encapsulated in just a few words. These are my Treasures for the past week.

  • Sidewalk graffiti in SF - "igneous rocks!"

  • Fireworks

  • A FOUR-day weekend (and only a 3-day work week). I got almost caught up and reasonably relaxed.

  • Fresh ripe peaches.

  • El Gato Painting and Restoration, with a large Cheshire cat painted on the front of the building

  • Bountiful hydrangeas in pinks and blues

  • Sunbeams slanting into the Bay

  • The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!

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