Friday July 7, 2006

Oh I Wish I Drove an Oscar Mayer Weiner

The Weinermobile is in town! It's a "Custom-made Fiberglass Hot Dog Resting on a Lightly Toasted Bun". It drove past while we were at the Post Office tonight.

Wmobile Header

Rich saw it turn into the parking lot of the shopping center across the street, so after we left the Post Office we went searching. There was the giant hot dog, in the parking lot in front of Albertsons Grocery.

I had my itsy bitsy camera handy. (I also had my finger partially obscuring the lens, duh!). Still, I did get a couple of shots before losing the light. There were a lot of people in the parking lot with the same idea.

As we drove home, I joked to Rich that the Weinermobile "runs on mustard". Then I came home and looked it up on the web. Ha!

Cruises on Average 500 Miles/Week
Chevrolet W4 Series Chassis
V-8, 6.0 Liter 350 Vortec 5700 Engine
Anti-Lock Brake System
32.1 Gallon Fuel Tank For Each Fill Up of High Octane Mustard



Weinermobile002 .

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