Wednesday June 14, 2006

Disappearing Nightly

"A paranormal screwball comedy adventure. Light, happy, fantastically funny!" —Jennifer Crusie, author of Bet Me

Disappearing Nightly is a delightful, fast-paced, light-hearted urban fantasy by Laura Resnick. It has a sharp, likable cast of characters and plenty of snappy repartee. Book Cover

Esther Diamond is an actress, currently playing the part of a green, scantily clothed, wood nymph in the Off Broadway musical production of Sorceror!. She's also the understudy for the lead female role, a role she suddenly finds herself about to play when the lead, Pop-star Golly Gee, mysteriously vanishes for real during the production's high-point illusion.

Things go from bad to worse as Esther soon discovers that other magician's assistants have been disappearing all over the city. Joining forces with a 350-year-old wizard, a hunky blue-eyed NYPD detective, and the "professional artistes" from Pony Expressive, one of New York's more "colorful" nightclubs, Esther sets out to track down the missing assistants — before she has to go on stage and, possibly, disappear herself.

I loved Esther and her decidedly odd but likeable friends and colleagues. The climax is both unexpected and satisfying.

Disappearing Nightly is the first book in Laura Resnick's planned "Manhattan Magic" series. The next book, Doppelganger, is due out in December. I can hardly wait!

"Seasoned by a good measure of humor, this fantasy mystery is one of the best titles Luna has issued, and a genuine treat for readers of any genre."

[ San Francisco Chronicle review ]

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