Wednesday June 7, 2006

Inconvenience Store

Your Government at Work

I don't usually write about anything politically motivated, but there is a limit to my tolerance.

Spouse has a cold. He has a cough and a stuffed-up nose. Today, I drove to the nearest drugstore (10 minutes by car) to buy him some cough & cold remedy.

The formula contains (Gasp!) Pseudoephedrin. Some people (not most people; not even many people; just a few people) use Pseudoephedrin in home drug labs to make (Gasp!) illegal drugs (menacing musical chord).

Spouse and I are not two of these people; nevertheless, we pay the penalty for their existence. There are laws in place that make it less convenient for anyone to buy products containing Pseudoephedrin.

Up until recently, we were grumblingly content with the law that forbade us from purchasing more than three packages of any Pseudoephedrin-containing medication at a time. We accepted, albeit disparagingly, the occasional (and unpredictable) requirement that we could only purchase some such products from the Pharmacy department.

Back to today. I went to the store to buy some Longs house-branded "Tussin Cold & Cough" softgels. I discovered that the rules have changed.

I am now permitted to purchase exactly one package (per day) of any Pseudoephedrin-containing product. I was required to show my ID. My ID was scanned.

I am not particularly happy with the requirement to show my ID, let alone have it scanned, when purchasing (menacing chord) cough & cold remedy. This seems wrong to me at a very deep level. I have never had my ID scanned in a drugstore before; I don't like the precedent it sets.

There are 12 softgels to a box. That's 6 doses or 1 and a half days' worth. So, I guess I'll need to go back tomorrow for another box. This seems excessive, but hey! What's an extra 6 miles by car when we're protecting the world from drug users?

Tell me again who is benefitting from these laws?

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