Tuesday June 6, 2006

Thames Valley Mysteries

If you enjoy a finely-crafted and well-plotted mystery, I heartily recommend Clare Curzon's "Thames Valley" series featuring CID Superintendant Mike Yeadings and his ertswhile team. The books are extremely well written, with plenty of detail to make the stories come to life. The protagonists are sympathetic, well-characterized, and vivid.

The writing — sentence structure, vocabulary, descriptions — is superb. The style is intriguing. Although I read a lot of English "cozy" mystery fiction, the dialog and word choice used by Ms. Curzon is surprisingly "British". I find the books to be all the more interesting for that.

Next time something "gets up your nose", grab a couple of cheese and coleslaw sandwiches and settle in with a cuppa and one of Clare Curzon's compelling "Thames Valley" mystery novels. There are currently twenty books in the series. I'm collecting the set, used, from half.com...

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