Sunday May 28, 2006


I'm playing a new web meme — WordPlay: the Personal Alphabet Meme. I found the idea on Laume's weblog. You're cordially invited to play along.

Laume writes:

This project was inspired by a now lost and unknown blogger's entry one day entitled "W is for..." I thought about all the W's in my life and decided right then and there to make my own personal dictionary of words, starting with "A is for...." and moving through each letter, about one a week.

This one is really easy because you can make it as easy or as complicated as you want. List 3 words or 30. It's up to you.

To play, make your own "A is for...." post on your blog. It can be as short or as long as you'd like. Just think of all the A words that are special unto you and tell us why, succintly or at great length. Photos are always nice if you've got extra time hanging around unused. Then a week or so later, give us your "B is for...." post, and so on, all the way to Z. Check out some of the participants posts and you'll catch on quick. It's not rocket surgery. It's all about play. And it's about words. And it's about YOUR personal relationship with them.

Watch for my entries in the weeks to come.

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