Friday May 26, 2006


Candybar Doll Maker

I tripped over this cute web toy on Laume's weblog. You can build and save your own "e-paper doll" for your website.

Choose background details, body (standing, sitting, ...), clothing, hair color and style, face... Add accessories such as scarves, jewelry, glasses, and pets.


My only picky nit was that there were many dogs to choose from and only a few cats. This nit was overridden, however, by the extremely large selection of clothing and hairstyles. How can I complain when they had my hair?!

Although I am the daughter of artistic parents, I can't draw at all. However, I'm terrific at cut and paste! Using the doll maker, I think I created a reasonable facsimile of me.

Male and female dolls are supported. Save as GIF, JPEG, or PNG, animated or not. Upload to MSN, Yahoo, or AIM. Paste into your weblog.

Make a doll of yourself and share!

Here's a Doll a Friend Made Today

It looks just like her! :-)

Carm Epaperdoll

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