Thursday May 25, 2006

Would You Want to Work Here?

I am looking for new employment. Consequently, I find myself viewing many many job descriptions and company descriptions. Some turn me off very quickly.

How about:

Looking for a fulfilling career with a fast-paced, growing organization? Do you value teamwork, seek out responsibility, thrive on new challenges and strive for fun? If you aim for the right balance of these values both inside and outside the office then [this] is the place for you!

That's all very... interesting. But, aren't most companies these days "fast-paced, growing" organizations? If not, they probably won't admit to it. I doubt I'll ever see anything advertised as "Looking for boring, stifling days in a slow-moving, static organization?". Do you?

I'd rather know what the job is and what the company does.

How about this one? I think they're actually trying to tell me what the company does.

[Our company] is a privately held venture backed startup building innovative next generation enterprise appliance solutions with disruptive patent-pending technologies that achieve unparalleled performance and scalability for I/O intensive enterprise applications.
Run that by again, slowly and in English For Normal People? Perhaps it would help to add a wee bit of punctuation?

Then there are the job descriptions. It's becoming increasingly difficult to meet all of the listed requirements. For example, does the following describe an opening for one person or several?

  • Fluent with C, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, SQL, and Microsoft Excel including macros and VBA
  • Track record of being clever, responsive, resourceful, and an excellent problem solver
Whoa. Why not throw in C++ and SmallTalk for good measure? And, how do you measure "clever"?

I may not find a job, but at least the search can be entertaining.

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