Wednesday May 24, 2006


I have a Group I started over a year ago which I call "InsPURRation".

InsPURRation is a group for sharing inspirational and motivational stories, photos, poems, and thoughts. The initial group was made up of people who understand how soothing, helpful, and inspirational animals (and particularly cats) can be. However, you don't need to have a cat to join or participate! :-) People with dogs, rabbits, or just backyard birds & squirrels are very welcome!

When I moved the group from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups I didn't bring the archives or the membership list along. The current group has 1 topic, 2 messages, and 5 members (counting me). Sigh. :(

I want to bring InsPURRation back to life. I'll need help. Please look over the full description at the InsPURRation home page. If you think the description or guidelines need work, please send me your comments and suggestions!!!

You can join the group at Google Groups.

And... please tell anyone you think might be interested in InsPURRation.

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