Friday May 19, 2006

E is for Easy

When I was in Grad school, way back before I had email, I used to write letters to family and friends. Once a month or so, I'd pull out stationery and a pen and write a 5-page letter to my folks. I'd stick the letter in an envelope, apply a stamp, and take it to the corner mailbox.

Some years later, when I had email access but "most people" didn't, I'd type my letter on the computer, print it, stick it in an envelope, etc. Not much had changed (but at least my hand didn't cramp).

My mother did the same thing in the other direction. Originally, she send me handwritten multi-page letters, usually with a short postscript from my Dad. After my folks got their first Mac. Mom moved to typed & printer letters. That's when I first started getting actual notes of more than a sentence or two from my Dad!

Then "the Internet" era hit. Starting about a dozen years ago, first my sister, then my parents, and now most of my friends and extended family members, got "into" email.

Today, if I see something interesting, I open my favorite email program and write a note. If I want to talk about a job prospect, a joke I heard, something I saw, or where we went for dinner last night, I write and send a note. It takes very little time and there's no envelope, no stamp, and no trip to the corner mailbox. It's that easy.

My mother writes me a letter (by email) about once a week. My sister and I write back and forth more in a handful of weeks than we used to in as many months! My Dad shows up on AIM (chat) on a fairly regular basis. I exchange notes with friends from College, friends I used to work with, and friends I met on the Net and I haver seen face to face.

Email is more than just a way to save a stamp. Email is Stage 6 Technology. Email has opened up communication, making "keeping in touch" so easy you have to explain if you don't use it.

The `e' in email stands for easy.

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