Wednesday May 10, 2006

Edgy New Podcast

Does the word "edgy" make you edgy?

O'Reilly Media sent out a press release today:

Downloads Soar for Edgy New Podcast
"DekePod" Entertains & Amazes--It's Your Money, Scan It!

Sebastopol, CA--Digital imaging guru Deke McClelland's new video podcast, "dekePod: The Pilot Edition," pulled in record downloads within a week's time...

Sponsored by Deke Press in association with O'Reilly Media and iStockphoto, "dekePod" is produced by San Francisco-based Flying Moose Pictures. The 5-minute show combines music, outtakes, and ironic imagery with a bare-bones, fast-paced narrative. Strewn throughout the pilot are photos from royalty-free image vendor iStockphoto.
Mark Frauenfelder blogged on Boing Boing: "Deke McClelland ... [is] very energetic. I don't have this much personality until I've had five cups of coffee."

Other adjectives from the press release included "educational", "hilarious', and "zippy". I'll buy educational, zippy and energetic. I'm always wary of anything someone else labels "hilarious".

McClelland's delivery is fast but clear and he's well-spoken. I get fumblemouth when I try to talk that quickly, so I was impressed.

I enjoyed the show, although I could have done without most of the clip art "strewn throughout". And hey, I learned how to scan money and play with the resulting image in PhotoShop (at least, until Adobe gets wind of the video and updates their software. :-) If you want to view the Podcast, you can find it at (as an H.264-compliant QuickTime movie).

But back to the subtitle of this posting, I almost didn't bother to watch the episode at all and my only reason was my reaction to the title of the press release. While "hilarious" is bad enough, I'm really wary of anything labeled "edgy".

Although the word edgy can mean "daring, provocative, or trend-setting" as well as "having a sharp or biting edge", to me, "edgy" always evokes its primary definition in my mind: "Nervous or irritable". I get a bit nervous and irritable whenever someone tells me I will enjoy something something that's described as hilarious and edgy...

How 'bout you?

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