Tuesday May 2, 2006

Happy Meals By Gender?

In a discussion mailing list I belong to, a recent conversation involves the April "Happy Meal" toys at McDonalds. You can read the initial posting on the web, complete with photos.

Anyhow, they have "boy" and "girl" toys with their kids' meals, which make interesting statements. Currently, they have "spy gear" for boys and troll dolls for girls.

Here are some comments from the "boy" side of the Happy Meal box.

"Your motion sensor detected a rival spy!"
"You've hacked into the enemy's computer!"
"Fuzzy radio signal!"
"You've tripped a security beam!"

Here are some comments from the "girl" side.

"OMG! You and your friend wore the same dress to the party!"
"You got a new 'do"
"Curling iron burnt out!"
"Your purse is 2 cool!"

Uh huh. So...

McDonald's appeared when I was about 10 years old. Happy meals didn't exist when I was that age.

Personally, the wording on the "girl" side of the box bugs me. I've never much cared about party dresses matching, a "new do", or a cool purse. if I had been given such a choice when I was of "Happy Meal" age, I might have picked the "boy's" toy. However, I do like troll dolls!

My sister says she would pick whichever toy was more interesting, in this case, that would probably be the troll. (We both had quite extensive collections of troll dolls when we were of Happy Meal age.)

How about you? What toy would you have picked if you had the choice as a child? Would the package affect your decision? Would your parents have minded your choice?

If you have children and you and your children went into McDonald's for a quick meal.

  1. If your daughter asked for a "boy's" meal, what would you say?

  2. If your son asked for a "girl's" meal, what would you say?

  3. At what age would your answers change (if indeed your answers would change)

Be honest with yourself :-)

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