Friday April 28, 2006

Circle of Elders

Grandparents to the Cyber-world

What a nifty idea! Circle of Elders is free web-based service "providing practical advice and guidance from empathetic volunteer seniors." Elder Circle

The Circle of Elders is a Nationwide Network comprised of volunteer Seniors aged 60-97. Elders participate individually from their home computers or collectively at a senior community. Our Elders represent a richly diverse patchwork of life experience and wisdom.
In addition to their "wildly popular" web site, the Elders produce a weekly advice column and are frequently featured in the media, including the LA Times, Ladies Home Journal,, and the Wall Street Journal.

The Elder Wisdom Circle's statement of purpose reads:

To become the largest and most highly regarded provider of practical advice in the world. Provide a meaningful, enriching volunteer opportunity for our Elders living at home or in communal senior facilities. Improve society's perception and value of our older citizens.

Always offer thoughtful and helpful personalized advice drawn from our Elders' individual experiences and wisdom. Aggressively share the EWC with the world and pursue all opportunities for appropriate publicity and media projects.

Provide a fun, supportive, creative and enriching work environment for all. Encourage development of EWC members, volunteers and staff in pursuit of their goals, dreams and objectives. Foster an effective organization built on user-friendly innovation, practical efficiency and sound fiscal responsibility.

It almost makes me wish I was 60... (I wonder if they actually cut off at age 97 or if that's simply the oldest volunteer they've had?)

If you are 60 or older and would like more information on becoming a Circle Elder, or if you're under 60 but would like to support the Circle in another capacity, visit the Join in the Circle page for details.

Image from Circle of Elders web site

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