Tuesday April 25, 2006

He Who Steals My Trash...

Our local municipality has a regulation:
Unauthorized collection of recyclable materials is a violation of the Municipal Code. Anyone caught unlawfully removing these materials from a recycling bin may be prosecuted and is subject to a fine. To report a theft in progress, call 911 or the local police business line...

Run that by again? It's illegal to remove recyclable materials from a recycling bin? Call 911 to report this?!?!

I was taught that 911 is for emergency use. I was raised to understand that an "emergency" entails a threat to life, limb, or property. I simply cannot justify the removal of a soda can from a curbside recycling bin as warranting a call to 911!

While we're on the topic, would someone try to explain the rationale for making "unauthorized collection of recyclable materials" illegal? As far as I know, the only items with any real "value" in my recycling bin are the soda bottles and cans. If I'm not bothering to get the 2.5 cents back by turning these in to a redemption station, why shouldn't some other, more enterprising, person have the chance to do so?

In fact, in the past, we've saved our soda cans for lower-income friends to turn in for the cash back. We calculated the cash return to be worth the price of someone else taking the cans and bottles down to the redemption center.

So, one more time. Our local municipality is spending Our Tax Dollars thinking up silly sections of the municipal code. Case in point: anyone caught removing materials from a recycling bin is subject to prosecution (don't the courts have better things to do?) and a fine (is this how the city gets its petty cash?).


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