Thursday April 20, 2006

Welcome to Evoca

Evoca is a new (as of March 15, 2006) audio site.

Evoca makes it very simple for everyone to instantly create, organize, share and search voice recordings.

Click to play (Flash required)
Using Evoca, you can:
  • Create a recording using your phone, computer's microphone, or Skype™ , or...
  • Upload an existing recording.
  • Organize and share recordings with tags, albums and groups.
  • Search the content of recordings word for word. Find audio clips by searching for a word or phrase.
  • Subscribe to an Evoca member's recordings (via RSS)
Evoca gives you up to 100 minutes of recording and unlimited listening for FREE! The "professional" edition adds 500 minutes for just $5/month (actually $4.99 but doncha just hate those "99" prices?). Use Evoca to
  • Create voice messages to share with your friends or colleagues
  • Produce and listen to podcasts
  • Record, store, and share oral histories
  • Bloggers — Add your voice to your blog<
  • Storytellers — "Record your narrative and excite the world's imagination"
  • Anyone — Record your notes-to-self; access them anytime, anywhere
Cool, no? Yes.

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