Tuesday April 18, 2006

Cost Cutting Gone Wrong

In today's Fast Company Now weblog, Heath Row writes:

... Having experienced the loss of a simple but effective perk, I was somewhat amused to read about the Minneapolis Star Tribune's recent decision to no longer provide free copies of the paper to... its staff of reporters and editors.

Be sure to read the complete Fast Company posting (with its followup comments) as well as the weird-but-true story of a newspaper that doesn't seem capable of prioritizing — or even understanding — what is important to its business.

Fast Company adds:

What are some ways you've experienced cost cutting that didn't impact your productivity? Or take away a small, but simple perk?

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A company I worked for decided to remove the hot & cold water dispensers and replace them with,... cold only. (NOt room temperature. Cold.). This meant that if one wished to make a mug of tea, one first had to heat chilled water to boiling in the microwave. So we "saved money" and wasted energy.

A few of us comnplained and one of our group managers went to a local water dispenser outlet and purchased a bottled water dispenser for the department out of his own money. We labeled it carefully and moved it with us whenever the team changed buildings.

The same company also went from free sodas to no sodas and from a selection of teas to Lipton only. Then they started mailing paychecks by 1st class US Mail instead of intercompany delivery. I guess the saved cost of real tea and hoty water paid for the stamps.