Sunday March 19, 2006

Dropping the Pink Elephant

15 Ways to Say What You Mean...and Mean What You Say

Close your eyes and don't think of a Pink Elephant

According to author Bill McFarlan, the mind instantly ignores the "don't" and concentrates on the rest of the sentence. He's named these unnecessary (and futile) negatives in speech "pink elephants". When we add "pink elephants" to our conversations, we are often denying something we haven't been accused of! Yet, as a result, we receive the reaction we were trying so hard to avoid.

McFarlan's book, Dropping the Pink Elephant, provides fifteen ways to "drop the pink elephants" and other problems in our day to day conversations, teaching you (the reader) how to say what you mean (and mean what you say). You'll learn how to get rid of jargon, know when (and how!) to apologize, thank people properly, "speak in pictures", and more.

Written in an engaging style and filled with examples — of wrong behaviour as well as best behaviour — this is a book to read now, then add to your shelf of reference books.

(Note that the paperback edition has a slightly different title: Drop the Pink Elephant).

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