Thursday March 9, 2006

How to Catch a Mouse

I recently ran across a write-up of an elegant and humane "catch and release" method for ridding your home of unwanted house guests of the rodent variety... It looks like a cute trick. Happily, the only time we ever had a mouse in our house, we knew exactly where he was and were able to trap and remove him in an even simpler fashion.

Way back when, after we first moved to CA, we rented a house about 5 miles from where we are now. At some time during the week just before we started packing to move to our current house, a mousie got into the rental house. Eek.

The cats were Very Interested. The mouse went to ground behind a cabinet.

Rich said "Just leave him". I said "I do not want to find him as we load the truck!"

So I found a 4" mailing tube. Rich went to one end of the cabinet and I went to the other. (How do mice do these things? That cabinet was less than an inch from the wall. I swear mice adjust their skeletons).

Rich shifted the cabinet, mouse ran the other way (into the mailing tube), I upended and capped the tube and headed out to the park a block away.

When I got to the park, I uncapped the tube and tilted it. No mouse. I tapped the tube. The mouse slowly oozed to the mouth of the tube (obviously clinging to the inside, not wanting to come out). Then, in the twilight, I saw a mousie foot. One toe touched a blade of grass and Zooom! the mouse was out of the tube and across the park in an instant.

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