Wednesday March 8, 2006

Egad! It's Tax Time.

Here we go again. Time for my yearly plug. :-)

I loathe tax time. I bear a deep and abiding dislike for the proportional tax system and I don't trust the IRS.

I also don't enjoy paperwork (although I'm far less allergic to it than Rich). If I had a choice, I would much rather not handle my own tax preparation. Unfortunately, we had a Very Bad Experience about twenty years ago; we're averse to trusting a third party to handle such an important financial process for us.

So, every year at about this time, I drag out this year's folder, stomp on my natural procrastination tendencies, and start typing numbers into little boxes. ugh. The good news — I type those numbers and the computer does the math. I do my taxes using Turbo Tax. The program handles the painful parts so I don't have to.

I still have to gather up all those fiddly bits of paper, but the Easy Step walkthrough is almost as easy as they say. In fact, the Turbo Tax program is even better this year than last year (which was better than the year before, etc.). You might not think there could be much visible improvement in a tax filing program, but Intuit manages to improve Turbo Tax substantially every year.

With Turbo Tax, I can get the whole wretched process over and done with in a couple of hours — without tears, screaming, hair-pulling, or curses. Plus, I can file electronically and save time and Post Office hassles.

Tax time will never be enjoyable. But with Turbo Tax, preparing my tax form is actually easier than balancing my checkbook. It's even reached the point where Rich can prepare his own forms without breaking out in virtual hives.

If you do your own taxes, especially if tax time has traditionally caused stress, frustration, and headaches, I urge you to try Turbo Tax. Order a copy now, while there's still time. Save yourself some pain this year.

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