Thursday March 2, 2006

Tastes Like... Maple Syrup

I've been using Walden Farms carb-free sugar-free pancake syrup. It tastes like... maple syrup. Slightly thin, to be honest, but not watery. No chemical aftertaste that I could detect. Quite nice actually.

If you're used to pure Vermont 100% maple syrup, this isn't it. But it's better than the "other" carb-free brand I tried, and as good or better than most store brands.

I've also been pleased with Walden Farms fat-free salad dressings. Although I've yet to try them, I understand that Walden Farms produces dips, fruit spreads, sauces, and chocolate syrup as well. Probably pretty good... Give them a try.

Order online. S/H fee is $7.95 per 1 to 10 Bottle Orders + $7.95 for each additional 10 bottle order or fraction thereof - Valid for Continental U.S. Alaska, Hawaii may be subject to additional S/H charges.

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