Friday February 24, 2006

Shower Soothers

Mentholated Steam

Sudacare Shower Soothers

Have you tried SudaCare Shower Soothers? They look like a giant AlkaSeltzer (or maybe a Ty-D-Bowl pellet. :-) The idea is that you drop it on the floor of the shower, run hot water over it, and breathe in the mentholated steam. Results vary based on who tries them, but it's an interesting idea.

I could smell the menthol when it first started to fizz. I didn't notice any particular decongestant sensation; the effect was more of an aromatherapy kind of thing. Still, kinda nice, if slightly odd when mixed with the aroma of my green tea and lime shampoo. :-) Strangely enough, the menthol scent came back when I ran the blow dryer after stepping out of the shower.

Look for them in your drugstore's cough & cold products aisle.

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