Sunday February 12, 2006


I made a custom "word cloud" t-shirt for myself using the furkids' weblog. for the content. The company I used is called SnapShirts.

Heatercats Word Cloud

A word cloud is a visual depiction of content (words) used in a body of text. The word clouds we use at are arranged alphabetically and depict more frequently used words in progressively larger fonts.

SnapShirts provides two ways to make your own shirt. The Authors line uses classic literary and historical texts to make word clouds. (If they don't have your favorite, send a suggestion). Alternatively,

The Custom line uses your own personal website to make word clouds. For Custom word clouds, our software analyzes your weblog and presents some of your most frequently used words. You can edit this list as much or as little as you like, it's completely customizable.

I ordered white letters on a "chocolate" t-shirt. Yummy! (Don't let the colors on the site fool you. The chocolate t-shirt is actually a rich milk-chocolate brown.)

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