Saturday July 24, 2004

Treasures 2004-30

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, that make me feel happy or thankful or interested. Treasures are memories encapsulated in just a few words, These are my Treasures for the past week.

  • Raven and Mezzulana watching each other through the window between my office and the sunroom
  • An owl flew over as we were heading into the house on the way back from dinner on Sunday night!
  • Raven flopping on the floor by my feet - rub my tummy!
  • My netfriend Marian's backyard visitors - flying squirrels and baby raccoons!
    I went outside the other night to put some food out, and one of the mama raccoons was out with her 3 babies. They are probably about 8 weeks old (give or take a week). The little ones all ran off into the woods when they saw me. Mama went after them, and brought them back, and over to meet me! It was unbelievable. I just stood there while they played all around me (one even stood on my shoe and looked up at me).

    It is amazing- they seemed really scared the first time they saw me, but when mama went and got them and brought them over to me, they totally relaxed. They're too cute though. They seem to think my toes in sandals are fascinating, and they were pat, pat, patting them with their soft paws. They have the most intelligent, inquisitive faces.

    Now I off to play with the flying squirrels. They were fussing at me the whole time I was outside, I guess thinking I should have been feeding them :)

  • Scion spotting (including one specially painted in a strange shade of rusty orange; it looked like a boxy pumpkin)
  • A Virginia license plate seen in a parking lot - "IM TIGGR"
  • A hawk flew over as I was stopped at the light on the way home; he landed on the telephone wire across the intersection from me. Pretty bird!
  • double chocolate chip muffins from Fresh Choice
  • A few more fortnight lilies blooming behind The Company.
  • A new cubicle in a new location - it's quiet!

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