Monday July 19, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up ( Monday July 12 - Sunday July 18)

It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone...

The weather has been mostly pleasant with the occasional morning or evening fog. There have been a couple of truly spectacular sunsets as well this week.

We've placed an order for a Black Cherry Scion XB:-) We ordered the fog lights and the cargo cover but no other add-ons. We're not sure when the car will be delivered to San Brino. On Monday it was still on a ship in the Pacific, bound from Japan to Long Beach, CA.

I spent an hour on Monday afternoon cooling my heels in the Toyota dealership waiting for a finance manager to finish typing up the paperwork. Yes, typing. They use a three-part form and I have the sneaking suspicion it's actually typed. It certainly took long enough to be typed!

I've started trying Lean Cuisine low-carb frozen meals for lunches. The main difference seems to be that (except for one or two styles) they have double veggies and no starch. Monday I had "Steak tips portabello w/ broccoli". Not half bad. The gravy was tasty enough and not gluey. The broccoli is not precooked so it doesn't overcook in the heating; portabellos don't taste musty and if I eat them ccarefully (meaning basically don't chew them) I don't notice the consistency either (and they don't squeak) so they're OK :-) 130 calories and 10 carbs. Not bad for lunch.

Tuesday I tried the "chicken marsala" for lunch. The green beans tasted like, well, like frozen green beans. The chicken was pretty good; it had lots of black pepper :) I'm the kind of person who likes that sort of thing. I ignored the mushrooms and the bits of onion. This one is to be cooked for 10 minutes on 50% (yesterday's lunch was 6 min on high).

There were two Scion XAs in the parking lot on Tuesday; I'm starting to notice them as much as the XBs.

They started building out cubicles in two "new" areas of the building at the Company. I figured, on the principle of "it can't hurt to ask" that I'd ask if there's any chance I could move. By Wednesday afternoon I got the good news. I will be moving into a new cubicle. I will no longer be 10 feet from the (incredibly busy and noisy) training room. With luck, I may also have more light. I won't move (or know where) till next week.

I started (but did not finish) a murder mystery called Death Tidies Up. It didn't catch my interest — not the people, the setting, the plot, or the dialog. I always feel a little funny when I don't like a book I thought I would like. Is it something about me?

Now I'm reading Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth by Tamar Meyers; I'm quite happy with it and plan to pick up the rest of the books in the series. (I guess it's not something about me. :)

I've walked a few miles on the treadmill (1 mile at a time; 3mph on an 8% grade). I find exercise to be extremely boring so I try to get it over with quickly. At 3mph a mile only takes 20 minutes. Then I shower and do something else.

In between and around the rest, I've had several naps, good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles with the cats. I've "chatted" a couple of times with my Dad, kept my weblogs up to date, caught up on my writing groups (at least on reading them), and talked on the telephone with my Mom. Work continues; I still have The Job.

Onward and Upward.

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