Saturday July 17, 2004

A Strange Dream

I had a strange dream two nights ago. That's hardly unusual. Many of my dreams are strange; they are nearly all very busy and very colorful, with high production values.

A friend and former co-worker was in this one, along with lots of other people. Although part of it was at a conference or trade show I can't recall if I knew any of the other people (on the waking side). This is also not unusual; my dreams have very full casts as well as fancy sets. I often wake from dreams thinking, "Who WERE all those people?!"

During at least part of this dream, I was aware that I was dreaming. Again, this is not unusual; in fact, lately this has been a fairly common occurrence for my. I generally cannot affect my dreams (I occasionally have tried) but I often know they are dreams. The result is rather akin to watching a movie. I know I'm watching (in this case, participating or playing a part). I can't change anything about it but the knowing alters the experience a bit.

The reason I mention all this is as background to the telling of one small piece (one scene if you will) during this particular night's dream. We were walking along and I turned to my friend and said "This is certainly a strange dream".

It made perfect sense at the time.

I sent my friend a note to tell him; I thought he would appreciate the logic :-)

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