Monday July 12, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Monday July 5 - Sunday July 11)

The weather has been mostly sunny and warm with some fog in the evenings. It's a perfect July, so far. Monday was a holiday which made this a most excellent week.

After 6 months of hemming and hawing, starting and stopping, and occasional "rousing discussions" Rich and I finally took our PowerBook 2400 apart for the third time. We went down into it on Monday swapped back the original hard drive. This time I "drove", taking out (and putting back) all of the screws and such. It wasn't really a big deal. It wasn't trivial but it wasn't that bad and when I was done, it Booted! Yes! Third time's the charm.

We had dinner at a "new" (to us; it's been in business 6 years) branch of Cha Cha Cha, a restaurant we've known since we moved out here. This branch is in the Mission District in what used to be, apparently, an Irish Pub — brick walls, high ceilings, green paint, huge bar in the center of the building. It's such less claustrophobic than the one we usually go to on Haight and the neighborhood is less... disturbing. Same food. We think we'll come back to this one.

For fun, call their number well before they open at 5pm Pacific time. Their answering machine message is a hoot. 1-415-648-0504

My Visorphone battery died last week (belly up, kaput, no more workee. Not rechargeable. All gone.) I had one spare. When this one goes then I'll need to buy a new phone. I hope there will be better choices by then. I hate the Treos. The Kyocera 7135 looks really great (and a friend of mine likes it a lot) but it's expensive.

On Tuesday, I discovered yet another reason (in a long list of reasons) to use a Macintosh. First thing at work, my email didn't work. The Outlook webmail server insisted I change my password but it didn't like any password I offered. Apparently Exchange doesn't like Macs to change their passwords. Apparently IT initially set me up for a Windoze account (the default) and then, when they changed that to a Mac account, they failed to change the password expiration field. After I sent in a trouble ticket, they fixed things and my email is again working with my desired password. Windoze users will continue to be forced to change their passwords regularly "because it's so easy for them to do". Easy. Hah!

The people two cubes over were talking about working and overwork and burnout. "That's the thing ...; there's always work to do" ... "I get so bored at home with nothing to do" ... "I talked to this guy who works at eBay and.,.. you work 100 miles an hour you can burn out". ... "That's what happened at my last job... I had to take some unpaid leave".

I don't work like this. I thought "Geesh people, get a Life!"

Two days of training sessions at The Company last week. I wasn't in the sessions but my assigned cubicle is only 10 feet from the training room. In general, this is a major productivity blocker. The distractions are constant. The worst is break times but even during the session periods, people come out of the room to stand in the hall and talk (loudly of course)\ on their cellphones. I had to ask two people who were having a loud conversation to please take it to the breakroom. People should know better.

We had some fun Saturday. After breakfast, Rich suggested we drive past the Toyota dealership and test drive a Scion. So, we did, and I'm seriously hooked. I want a new car!

I finished Murder Off Mike, by Joyce Krieg and also read Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray. Both books were very good and I recommend them both. The first is a murder mystery, the second is a novel and "comedy of manners".

In between and around the rest, I've had several naps, good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles with the cats. I've "chatted" several times with my Dad as well as with a friend in the Houston area, kept my weblogs reasonably up to date, and exchanged letters with my Mom and some friends.

Onward and Upward.

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