Saturday July 10, 2004

I Want a Flintmobile!

OK, it looks like something Fred Flintstone would drive. But it has visibility. It has headroom. It has legroom!. It's an amazing car. Have you tried sitting in one? Have you tried driving one?

I have.

I want a new car!

Specifically, I want a Scion XB.

We testdrove one today. We were on the way home from breakfast and a brand new Scion went by and I said (as I have often said, recently) "They do kind of grow on you. They're certainly popular."

And Rich said "Let's go drive one. We don't have anything we have to do today."

And I said "Are you kidding?" and he said "No. Really. It's just down here." So, we turned right instead of left and down a block to Melody Toyota.

Did you know the durned things are affordable??? They are. MSRP is just over $14,000. Tax, title, and doc fee brings it to just under $14, 500. And the price is "haggle free" (the idea that Saturn started). You like the price, you buy the car. You don't fight the salesman. I paid $13,00 for my Camry (used, 2 yrs old, with 48,000 miles on it, back in 1996). I paid $7000 for my 1989 Corolla in 1991 (including 3 hours of fighting the salesman over whether they'd give us anything as a trade-in on my old car).

The Scion has 50 options to choose from (there's a book), all "hot-swappable". The only thing that's not easy to change is the color and the transmission type. But that's not what's really important.

Sit in one. I have never felt that comfortable in a car. Sit in the back seat with the front seat all the way back. Feel the space between the top of your head and the ceiling. Look out the front, the sides, the rear window.

Then drive it. OK, it's not a powerful car but those gerbils put their all into everything they do. It hugged the curves pretty well on Millbrae Ave. It parked as nicely as my Camry (the most parkable car I've ever driven). It has a decent turning radius. It handles beautifully.

[ Read a review of the Scion XB. Then read another" ]

I want a new car! I'll even compromise with Rich on color (I like green; he likes silver). Then again, maybe we could get a red one (droool).


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