Friday July 9, 2004

Almost 10 weeks

Monday (technically) will mark the end of my 10th week at The Job; I started on Tuesday, May 4.

My previous contract (a survival job) lasted 5 weeks; it would have gone longer but we agreed to part company early. Oddly enough, although I felt largely contempt for the project itself, apparently I cared a lot more about the success and quality of the project than did my co-workers. After 5 weeks, it came down to "him" or "me" where "he" was arrogant, careless, antagonistic, and actively sabotaging the project. Management made their choice (they chose poorly but I won) and that was that.

The contract before that one (in many ways, also a "survival job") lasted 10 weeks; it would have gone longer but upper management got unhappy about timing and lower management terminated the contract without 1 week's notice. It seems I "wasn't working fast enough" for them. Uh huh. Considering that I had the same conversation with myself every morning as I crossed the parking lot ("I hate this job" "You can't quit" "But I hate this job". "But you need the money") I didn't cry when they said I could go. (They gave me one week to "finish up" and I bit my tongue to keep from jumping up and saying "Thank You! I can be out of here by 5pm today!").

The current job looks like it's going to last longer than either of those. One very important difference is that I like this job. This one isn't just a survival job.

I've liked it from the beginning and I still like it. I would like it to go on longer. I like the company; I like the attitude; I like the project; I like the people. I don't much relish leaving the house every morning to spend 8 hours in a noisy, poorly lit, distracting cubicle environment, but I like the rest. I even told the Powers That Be that I'd be very pleased to be made an offer of fulltime, salaried, employment.

We did a second round of interviews a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure what's happening on that right now, but they did renew my contract for a second 45-day period. I'm still there, still getting paid, still liking it.

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