Monday July 5, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Sunday June 27 - Sunday July 4)

The weather has been mostly fair, though we get a little fog in the evenings, but not heavy.

I was asked to "look into" documenting the system process manager at The Job, as a sort of "pre-employment" test. It's a different sort of documenting project than I've done so far. OK, that should be fun. It took two days. Now I'm in limbo again...

You know you're working in a startup when they tell everyone who wants to know how to disable/enable the alarm system...

We drove into The City on Monday, planning to have an early dinner at Cha Cha Cha (a Caribbean Tapas restaurant) but when we arrived on Haight St. it was closed "due to unforeseen circumstances" that have forced a need to remodel! I wonder if they had a leak or a fire? So instead we drove across town to La Mediterrenee (another favorite). After dinner we wandered down Castro St and bought some t-shirts, back up past the confectionary (where we bought and shared a chocolate covered rum ball :-) and then home. All in all a fine evening out... just not quite what we expected.

One of my coworkers was microwaving his lunch on Wednesday; it was homemade soup and even cold, it spelled heavenly. When I commented on how good it smelled he offered me some and I demurred but then I thought "Why not?!" and said "sure". He gave me a little in a paper cup and I heated it in the microwave. It really is quite good. It's got leeks and carrots and turkey sausage and other stuff. Spinach?? I asked for the recipe.

The Company maintains a large 6-ft by 6-ft refrigerator full of soft drinks. One flavor is something called "Red Bull". It's labeled as some sort of "energy drink" — it contains sugar, caffeine and vitamin Bs (B6, B12, and niacin). The sugarfree is basically the same with Aspartaame instead of sugar. I tasted the sugar-free. It's got some spice I recognized but couldn't identify. It was... weird. I decided it was not a good weird and poured it down the sink.

We stopped by Barnes & Noble one evening after dinner because I had a $10 certificate. Rich says he thinks B&N should send me a $10 certificate every month. He says they would come out ahead...

A woman brought her parrot into The Job on Friday. He is a handsome fellow, mostly bright green but with a littlle blue on the forehead, splotches of red annd yellow on the shoulders and red on the wing tips. He seemed to be a calm and polite bird.

We saw two sets of fireworks for the weekend. On Friday night Rich suggested I meet him in Palo Alto and we could have dinner and then go over to see the fireworks at Stanford. So that's what we did.

On Sunday, we planned to drive up to Forestville for dinner wwith friends, then go over and see the fireworks show in Guernevile. We drove up a little after 1 and got there about 3:15. We had a nice turkey dinner and carrot cake (which we bought and brought along). Then Rich and I went for a walk down a nice trail lined with blackberry bushes and a viney thing with hot pink snapdragon-like flowers. We passed some sort of water treatment plant with a pond that looked to be about an inch deep in algae (but the ducks didn't seem to mind). I heard a rustle and saw a bit of a bright green lizard (I could see his tail when he stopped). Another rustle was the back end of a bunrab disappearing into the bramble. We walked until the trail met a road, then turned back, perhaps a mile and a half each way. There were some vineyards along the path on both sides with houses; the people at the far end had bee skeps and sunflowers.

On the way back we saw a bunny on the trail and got close enough that he sat and watched us, before he vanished into the blackberries. Back at our friends' place we sat out front and watched the birds and talked. There were lots of birds including a chickadee, a grossbeak, a Towhee, two young jays and a lot of finches and sparrows. They have a bunny that lives in the bushes around the hottub. The bunny came out after a while as did one of the lizards - this one a greygreen tiny dragon.

Around 8:30 we all looked at each other and decided unanimously that we were all tired. Rich and I decided to forego the fireworks and come home early instead. That was OK because we tend to have a show of our own on the 4th and this year was a very good one (especially because there was no fog in San Bruno).

We started seeing fireworks at about South San Francisco (Westborough) as we drove home (a few miles north) and there were quite a few in the Rollingwood neighborhood (about half a mile west of ours). Some people were doing SafeNSane ground-display sparklers across the street as we got home and our friend Gene pulled up just as we pulled into the driveway (he had come to pick up some parts he left here last night when he came by and he and Rich did a little woodworking project in the shop).

Well, that was fortuitous, so we invited him in for fireworks and leftover carrot cake. We left the lights off upstairs. It was a good show, with stuff from South San Francisco down into San Mateo and Foster City. Many of the displays were, erm, most likely not even the highest priced "Safe N Sane" variety. And we heard the fire sirens once. But it was fun. I said "Why did I agree to go out of town on the 4th when we get such a good show out of our living room window?!"

This week, I read Ombria in Shadow, by Patricia McKillip. It has an interesting premise but I thought the plot and the writing were choppy and confusing. Now I'm halfway into Murder Off Mike a quite good first novel by Joyce Krieg.

In between and around the rest, I've had several naps, quite a few good meals, two pieces of mst excellent carrot cake, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles with the cats. I've "chatted" several times with my Dad, aand kept my weblogs reasonably up to date. I still don't have a permanent job but I still have my contract. And I did another load of laundry :-)

Onward and Upward.

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