Sunday June 27, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Sunday June 20 - Saturday June 26)

Fathers Day has come and gone. We went down to our favorite diner for lunch (having totally forgotten it was a Hallmark Holiday). It was _very full_. We got a table (eventually) and had breakfast. Later we found out it was the best (sales) day they've had this year!

The weather has been windy but mostly pretty (although the week started out grey). That's pretty much par for June. We understand it's been hot (90's) up in Forestville (North Bay; where some friends live) the last few days, but it's been in the 70's here with a breeze.

My mother's birthday was this past Tuesday. I sent her a cute ecard from Shoebox Greetings ("A Tiny Little Division of Hallmark") .

Using an ideas from Rich and aanother ideas from me, I turned my wristwatch (which I don't wear on my wrist anymore) into a pocket watch. I bought an inexpensive leather watchstrap at Walgreens and attached only one piece to the watch, then trimmed it. The watch then slides down into a velcro-closure pocketknife case I got at REI. I can pull it out by the strap, then slip it back in. And the case fits on my belt.

I returned homw after work on Tuesday to find... a Royal Shredder on our front porch. The Saga of the Shredder continues. What is WITH these people?

Rich went into The City for the SFPUG (Perl Users Group) meeting. This week our friend Gene was back in town and we had dinner at Fresh Choice... I always eat too much though. I so love the devil's food muffins and the (real!) tapioca pudding.

In preparation for converting to FTE status at The Company (yes, that would be a good thing in many ways) I had three interviews on Wednesday and two more on Friday (those two people weren't available on Wednesday). Of the five, I have worked with one and interviewed with another before I started this contract — neither had many questions to ask me. The other three were two managers and one senior VP that I hadn't met yet. We had very interesting conversations.

Thursday night, Rich had his very own Up Close and Personal Encounter with a raccoon! One of them came up and patted his hand as we sat in the hot tub! It spooked Rich a bit!

Friday night and Saturday I mostly slept. I don't know why I was so sleepy, although every time I woke up, I woke up from one of my more enervating dreams. :-( I had not tried a nap wwhen I came home after work but when Rich got home he lay down on the bed and that sounded like a good idea... so we discusses a late dinner and lay down for a nap. I got up when the alarm went off at 9 but I felt utterly exhausted and groggy. I asked Rich if he would be unhappy if we didn't go out. He suggested I go back to bed for a bit. So I did.

Rich came in at 10pm and asked if I wanted to do anything about supper or sleep and I said "sleep". I woke up Saturday morning at 10:15 (Still feeling somewhat sleepy). We went for breakfast, came home, and I fell into a nap with the cats. I woke from that a little before 6, feeling more awak than I'd felt in 24 hours. Wow.

I finished Ombria in Shadow, by Patricia McKillip (potentially interesting plot but a choppy and confusing story), Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn (I had put it down for a while, but I really liked this one), and The Last Templar by Michael Jecks, the first in a series of (so far, 17) mysteries set in early 1300s England.

In between and around the rest, I've had several naps, good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles with the cats. I've "chatted" several times with my Dad, kept my weblogs reasonably up to date, and exchanged letters with my sister.

And this week, I did one load of laundry :-)

Onward and Upward.

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