Saturday June 26, 2004



Animusic is for anyone who appreciates rich, beautifully rendered, 3-D computer graphics.

Animusic is for anyone who has ever played in a band or orchestra.

Animusic is for anyone who appreciates music and who enjoys watching music being played.

If you generally listen to music with your eyes closed, open them for Animusic or you'll miss most of what makes this album special.

See what people are saying:

"A stunning combination of unique computer animation and bombastic electronic music – very clever stuff!"
-- Alan Parsons (Producer – Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon)

"I really believe Animusic is VERY special. The technological innovations accomplished with this are very impressive. What they've done here takes our Mind's Eye 'video album' concept a big step farther, combining music and animation in such an integrated and dynamic manner. I LOVE the imagination that was put into creating the various instruments – the rendering is GREAT . . . and I TOTALLY enjoy the music."
-- Steven Churchill (producer – Mind's Eye computer animation series)

This is more than a mere gathering of clever animations. The works featured in Animusic are the first step toward an entire new entertainment field. This is a sci-fi melding of radio and film so innovative, so provocative, that the history books will refer to this collection the way they do Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or Citizen Kane."
-- CJ Henderson (author – Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies)

Wow. Oh. Wow. How do they do that?! Look at... wow.
-- Vicki Brown

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