Wednesday June 23, 2004

Close Encounters of the Ringtailed Kind

The raccoons came back last night. I knew they were around when we went out to the tub — first because Squirrel was pasted to the window watching something in the yard and then because I saw a raccoon on the fence while we were in the tub.

Two of them walked back and forth across the sunroom roof a lot after we went back inside. Raccoons are a lot like cats in that they walk along and then just... sit down. Then they start grooming. These kept getting up and walking a bit, then flopping down again and grooming something else. I shone a flashlight up through the glass to see them better.

"Hey, great. Shine that flashlight this way a bit; I think I may have a flea."

They both came over to the end of the roof above the door and leaned their heads over the edge. I craned my neck to look up; they peered down. I wonder how well they can see me; the glass is smoked but they're very close to it.

After a while I went upstairs to the screenporch and talked to one through the window. (The other one had wandered off somewhere by that point). The window is a good three feet above the sunroom roof at that end but the raccoon was very curious and came over and stood up on his back legs and looked... Then he came even closer and grabbed onto the wood of the screenporch below the window and climbed up so he could put a paw on the outside sill. He hung on and peered in through the screen. I put my hand on the screen on my side so he could sniff my fingers.

Then, of course, I had to go and get the marshmallows. :-)

Bebop, Raven, and Mezzaluna watched through the window while Vickimom stood out on the porch, leaning over the railing talking to the raccoon and feeding him marshmallows. I tossed the first two. The third one I held and leaned over and... oh yes... the raccoon came closer and stood up and reached up and I handed him a marshmallow. Oh delight of delights that was such fun! And I did it again with the next marshmallow.

I think I am making a friend. So polite and curious with such cute little button eyes.

I was reading on a website the other day where someone was saying that the raccoons come to their back porch at night like little furry trick-or-treaters. With those cute little masks, that's not such a far-out comparison.

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