Sunday June 20, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Sunday June 13 - Saturday June 19)

The weather has been variable all week: foggy, blue, drizzly, warm, cool, windy, still.

Rich was out of town last weekend, as was our friend Gene. So I went to Fresh Choice for dinner Sunday (as I try to do whenever Rich is out of town) but sadly, had no one to go with. So I sat and people-watched and ate tapioca pudding.

There was a major Oops over the weekend at The Company; a water leak from the second floor resulted in the presence of large industrial dehumidifiers in my corner of the building all last week.

Rich got home Monday night. We spent about an hour unpacking the new insulating lid for the hot tub, tearing up the old one, cleaning the tub, putting the new lid in place and re-filling the tub. Unfortunately, as we did all of this after 7pm, the tub was not hot enough to use that night. Sigh. It was delightful the next night and, for a while, we've got 4by4's on the lid to hold it down — a brandnew hot-tub lid doesn't weigh much and May and June are the windy months in San Bruno.

On Tuesday I discovered the joys of truly-chilled iced coffee. I made up my iced coffee in the morning as I usually do, then changed my mind half way through the process and decided I'd rather have hot tea right then. So I put the lidded insulator mug (containing cold coffee, half&half and 4 ice cubes) into the mini cubicle fridge under my desk.

When I got the mug out three hours later, the top surface of the coffee had actually iced over. The ice melted quickly. The result was delightfully chilled and most tasty. I decided I should put my iced coffee into the fridge more often.

Wednesday night we had a Close Encounter of the Raccoon Kind. I even fed one of them some marshmallows! Raccoons are so cute. The kitties enjoyed watching the raccoons as much as I did. Raven haathed at them.

There was lots of work to do this week at The Job. I had a lot of edits to make on one specification document as people went back and forth discussing how the software "ought to" work. It's a little late in the release process for those discussions, but that didn't stop anyone. I also did a final re-organizing pass through another spec that is considered basically "finished" (but needed major organizational reformatting). Finally, I had an hour long meeting, taking lots of notes for a third spec I started working with on Friday (and will continue with next week).

Thursday I officially renewed my contract with The Job. My manager also told me that he was working on getting the process rolling to convert me to Full Time Employee (FTE) as I have requested. Yeay.

On Friday afternoon I received a meeting notice for next Wednesday, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, for a "final" round of "interviews" for the formal FTE position of Internal Technical Writer.

Thursday's are Company Lunch Day at The Job. Unfortunately, a hot takeout lunch for 150+ people tends to be of pretty low quality, so I don't participate. If the lunch coincides with a presentation, I attend only the meeting part.

This lunch was, apparently, vastly under-attended. The amount of leftovers brought back up to the breakroom afterwards was truly appalling. The leftovers included 2 and a half trays of Baklava (48 pieces on a tray). I love good Baklava and this is Excellent Baklava. I had several pieces. :-)

I also sent a note to the Admin reminding her (in case she didn't already know) that Baklava keeps for several days without refrigeration (and also put a note on the plastic cover over each tray) so no one would throw it out!

My plan worked. As I expected, people ate Baklava when they discovered it on Friday morning and by 3pm Friday it was all gone.

Thursday night after dinner we stopped by the Post Office. The sunset was breathtaking — streaks of peach-colored cloud rising out of the fog bank like sunbeams in reverse, all set against an azure sky. No reds, just pinks and peaches, blues and greens.

We took the Camry down to the shop this morning before breakfast. It's still going through oil and the EGR light has been blinking. It turned out the former was due to a loose O-ring on the carburetor and the latter to a broken hose (both fixed for no charge). We also have a small crack in the exhaust manifold but were told that should be OK unless it becomes a large crack.

We marked some items off our shopping list today. We drove over to PetClub and Orchard Supply Hardware where we bought: 40 lb of sunflower seed, 60 lb of wild bird seed, 40 lb of dry cat food, 270 lb of kitty litter and 10 cases each of 24 3-oz cans of canned kitty food. All of which did fit in the car (although the car felt a little... heavy... driving back uphill to home).

We watched Lost Treasure (with Stephen Baldwin) on Thursday night. This was a DVD I rented last week while Rich was out of town, watched a little of, and decided that Rich would enjoy watching too so I stopped it. It's a good movie overall; the beginning is especially aattention-grabbing. The middle is diverting (although much of it is also highly improbable) and the ending is rather abrupt but still satisfactory. I liked the characters and the basic story. The movie obviously had a high budget for pyrotechnics and special weather effects.

We also watched and enjoyed All the Queen's Men starring Matt LeBlanc. This one is a fun adventure, set during World War Two. The plan - to steal an Enigma machine from the factory where they are made. The problem? The factory is staffed entirely by women. The solution? Go in "under cover"... in drag.

I'm still (slowly) reading Lord Darcy, one or two stories at a time, interspersed with other things. I have almost finished Ghost of a Chance, by Yasmine Galenorn (take care if you check the bookstore; the title is not unique). In the mornings, I read some of the Stone Soup comic collections while I eat my breakfast. Stone Soup is one of my (recent) favorite strips! I've finished the first collection and am halfway through the second; there are four collections published so far.

In between and around the rest, I've had not nearly enough naps, plenty of good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles and games with the cats. I've managed to "chat" a few times with my Dad (although I've also missed him several times), and kept my weblog reasonably up to date.

And I did two loads of laundry :-)

Onward and Upward.

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