Saturday June 19, 2004

The Skit

This is the sequel I wrote for my "Cheerleader" essay for Daily Writing Practice

Mac OS System 7 added a new feature call "Balloon Help". When it was turned on, anything the mouse hovered over caused the Mac to put a little "balloon" on the screen with helpful information about whatever the mouse was on. This included all of the standard windows and buttons, so a normal session using the computer generated a LOT of balloons very quickly. Most of us got tired of Balloon Help within a very short time and turned it off, relishing the virtual "silence" that followed.

Our skit was about Balloon Help :-)

I played the part of the "user".
One member of our group played the part of the "cursor".
Everyone else stood silently in a line.
The "cursor" walked along the line, pointing at various people.
So far, so silly.

This was an off site meeting; we had had a lunch. Each lunch table had been decorated with a bunch of helium balloons, anchored to a small sandbag. I gathered up all of these bunches. They made a big handful.

... the "cursor" walked along, pointing at people in line.
... I (the "user") said "I think I will try 'Balloon Help!'" Then I and lobbed the great bunch of balloons in the general direction of the cursor, who began to prattle.
    "Nice shirt! Great glasses! Blue Jeans! Yellow sweater! You have brown hair!"

Then I said the line that brought down the house.
"My Goodness, Balloon Help is annoying!".

With that, I grabbed the bunch of balloons off the "stage" and dropped them over the edge... and the "cursor" shut up.

To the roar of the crowd.

It's the only "skit" I've ever done that I was proud of :-)

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