Thursday June 17, 2004

Who's That Walking up There?

We had three raccoons on the sunroom roof last night after we came in from the hottub. They were sooo cute! Woolly and furry. BIG feet. Bushy tails. All about the size of Squirrel. Walking about. Sitting on the glass. Scratching. Licking their paws. Licking each other.

I shone a flashlight up. Oh look! Raccoon bottoms!

Raven was funny. Raven hathed at the raccoons through the glass.

Then I said I wished I could feed them marshmallows. So Rich suggested I get some out of the freezer and toss some up on the roof. I was afraid the raccoons would leave while I went for the marshmallows but Rich didn't think they would, so...

I went and got the marshmallows from the freezer. Then instead of going back down to the sunroom I went out on the back porch, so I was above the sunroom, and leaned over the railing. By that time there was only one raccoon on the sunroom roof. I said "Hi" and he said "Who are you?". Raccoons are like that.

I tossed him a marshmallow. It started to roll and he chased it and caught it and took a nibble. Then he munched it. Yummm! The next two marshmallows didn't get a chance to start rolling!

One of the other two raccoons was way off at the other end of the sunroom; I could see his silhouette. I called to him but he didn't come so he didn't get a marshmallow. Then he went and climbed off onto the fence. I don't know where the third was. So Earl got marshmallows but Bubba and Jake didn't.

Then I went back downstairs and watched through the glass a bit more. Eventually I saw one go past on the deck and I went over and turned on the outside lights just as he was climbing the fence. He sat at the top of the fence and turned and looked at me. It was a great view and Mezzaluna saw him too. Then he went off to the next place on his list.

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