Wednesday June 16, 2004


The Company for which I am working suffered a minor calamity on Sunday. Apparently something on the second floor sprung a leak, or a pipe burst, or some such. On the first floor (where we aare), one cubicle was drenched, many ceiling tiles were damaged, and a large section of carpet was soaked. Several very large industrial grade dehumidifiers were in action when I arrived on Monday morning (and are still in place).

Since then, a water damage restoration service has been on site, working. They removed three cubicles in the area hardest hit (one where pretty much everything got soaked and the two beyond it). They put up floor-to-ceiling plastic as in a construction site (blocking access to three conference rooms along that area) and are drying out the carpeting and the baseboards and replacing ceiling tiles and insulation.

The company on the second floor sent bagels and muffins on Tuesday. I guess that was their way of extending their sympathy.

As of today, piles of pink insulation, wrecked wallboard and wet ceiling tile have been carted to curbside. The restoration service has drilled 1" diam. holes in the walls at baseboard level to dry things out. By today, the back hallway no longer smelled of wet cardboard as it had on Monday (on Friday there were a bunch of broken down cardboard boxes in that hall;way; by Monday, they were mostly moist).

Luckily for me, nothing in or near my cubicle was affected. My Bose noise-canceling headphones almost cancel out the steady hum of the dehumidifiers. The server room, telephone closet, shipping area all were missed. It could have been a lot worse. (Of course, for the person whose books (and everything else) were all soggy on Monday morning, it was worse).

(DrizAir is a brand of large industrial dehumidifer; several of the humming machines are so labeled.)

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