Sunday June 13, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Sunday June 6 - Saturday June 12)

The weather has been quite variable; some days warm and sunny, other days foggy. It's been very windy at night. One day at The Job I felt chilled (my thermometer clock says 74F but I'm under a vent) so I went out to the car to get a shirt. I sat on the car for a bit. The car was nice and toasted. Sunload is amazing; the outside air was quite cool.

I trimmed the roses in the back yard (rescuing the lilac which was being throttled). That gave me an armload of pink to put in a vase (after I shook loose 4 earwigs, a ladybug, 2 small spotted beetles and a teensy weensy red spider. I kept the vase in the screen porch till Monday and then took it in to The Job where it lasted for two more days.

On Monday, a friend we don't see very often joined Rich for a talk at SLAC. The talk was about a topic recently featured in Science News — two researchers from UC Berkeley are using optical-scanning equipment to make detailed maps of the grooves antique vinyl records and wax cylinders. By simulating how a stylus moves along those contours, the team has reproduced the encoded sounds without touching the fragile media with a needle.

Our friend also joined us for dinner and conversation after the talk.

I saw a truck on the drive to The Job one morning. The side said "DATS". The back said

Trucking, Inc.
I thought "yup, Dat's truckin"...

The Job has been sufficiently busy with much discussion and Things To Do. I received an update on the imminent expiration of my original contract:

It seems things have been going quite well and you should have no concerns about the 6 weeks ending and the contract ending. For starters we will certainly extend the contract and we can talk about other possibilities in private.
Cool. I do want to talk abut other possibilities... soon.

I now have a nameplate for my cubicle as well :-) It says

Vicki Brown
Internal Technical Writer

Overheard in the break room: "I was told that if I took my cat in the shower with me, sooner or later I could get her to like water."

Uhuh. Sure.

I had a meeting with the Senior HR manager to go over some of the many suggestions I've been making since I started The Job. It seems that not that many people make lots of suggestions (I am unique ;-) — she can remember three or four in the past seven years.

She said that whenever someone makes a lot of suggestions she wants to touch base, get a feel for the person, and ask if there's anything specific to their situation that needs addressing — some people make lots of suggestions but don't know how to work with what they've got. I don't think I have that problem (and neither does she).

We discovered that we had a serious glitch in our email setup this week. Rich had apparently oopsed a file update, accidentally disabling mail for all of our "virtual hosts". So,, etc, were disconnected for a few days. Ouch. All seems to be fixed and running now.

Rich has been asked to limit his billable time to 40 hours per week, unless he gets specific authorization for more. As it turns out, management has no problem with Rich doing the work as three or four 10-12 hour days/week. So he'll have one day a week at home.

I am envious. I'm still not sure enough of this job to try something like that - even 9 on and 1 off. Also, I haven't yet worked up the habit of 9 hour days; they're mostly 8.5. By 4:30 I really want to go home. Sometimes it's a push to find things to do; other days I have plenty of work but I still want to go.

We drove down to San Mateo for dinner at the Fish Market Thursday night. Then we went over to Foster City where Rich bought a used Sun Ultra 2. He has a project he wants to do that requires Solaris 10.

The man who had the Ultra 2 lives in a pretty little neighborhood out on the Bay; all the streets are named for fish. We entered on Halibut St. At the corner of Halibut and Haddock I started to laugh. At the corner of Haddock and Mullet I laughed harder.

The address we went to was on Menhaden Court (it was actually dumbbell shaped). The dictionary says menhaden is an American marine fish of the Herring family (Brevoortia tyrannus), chiefly valuable for its oil and as a component of fertilizers; -- called also mossbunker, bony fish, chebog, pogy, hardhead, whitefish, etc.

The map says this neighborhood (school? :-) also has a Grunion Ct., Cod St., Swordfish St., Sunfish Ct, Sea Horse Ct., and Marlin Ave. giggle

Rich headed down for a long weekend visiting his Dad in Southern California on Friday at noon, so it's just me and the cats for the weekend.

I rented 5 movies on Friday night. I liked the first one, Disney's The Haunted Mansion. I watched five or ten minutes each of the next three, then ejected them all. One was (stiff) animation with a confusing story. The next one had extremely low production values and poor photography (it looked like a home movie). The third looked like it came straight off the TV and the acting wasn't very good.

The last one looked quite good — good enough that I stopped it and will wait till Rich gets home so he can watch it too.

On Saturday morning I took back the four I had watched or rejected and picked up six more. I watched and enjoyed two of those last night (Alex and Emma and Down With Love. I started another one that I decided to hold till Rich got home and a fourth one that I gave up on partway in; the plot is lame and the situations began to be embarrassing (something neither Rich nor I likes in movies). Then I sat for a while and read with the cats flopped nearby.

I'm still reading Lord Darcy; I occasionally put it down and read other things. Otherwise, after a while, the stories all seem very much alike.

In between and around the rest, I've had several naps, good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles and games with the cats. I'm still managing to keep my primary weblog nearly up to date (although mailing lists and my second weblog have suffered this past 6 weeks).

I've also done laundry twice (woo hoo), both times with Raven's and Bebop's most excellent help & supervision.

Onward and Upward.

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