Friday June 11, 2004

Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion

I watched "The Haunted Mansion" tonight. As a friend of ours might say, it's charming. The plot is a little thin but the movie makes up for that in set, costumes, effects, and set.

The movie is based (very loosely) on the Haunted Mansion, one of my favorite rides at Disneyland. It contains many of the elements from the ride - the hitchhiking ghosts are there as is the masked ball, the singing statuary, pictures that move, long dark hallways, a medium inside a glowing crystal ball...

Eddie Murphy stars, but it's really a team effort. The two children have major parts and were likeable. Wallace Shawn (Vizzini in The Princess Bride) has a small part that's perfect for him.

Did I mention the set? The set is gorgeous. The special effects are mild compared to a lot of recent movies, but quite good, especially the disappearing/reappearing ghost effects.

It's worth the rental fee.

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