Sunday June 6, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Sunday May 30 - Saturday June 5)

This week contained a Monday Holiday, so I had both a long weekend and a short work week. Wheeee.

The weather has been variable. A few nice days, followed by several days of heavy fog and low clouds. On Friday I could see bits of blue between the clouds from The Jobsite. It finally cleared up at the house by late afternoon. There's been lots of wind in the evenings as well.

We watched two movies last weekend - Shaolin Soccer and Bulletproof Monk, both delightful and fun!

Rich's lower back was giving him trouble last weekend and in the early part of the week., We went to Walgreens and bought a heat pack - it's a chemical pack that stays warm for up to 8 hurs, that you slip into a gauzy "belt" that you attach around your waist with velcro. The Walgreen's House Brand version is only $4.99 for two applications. Rich liked it so well, we went back and got two more boxes.

I had a knot in my upper back but that went away; then it came back again toward the end of the week. Perhaps I need to go have an adjustment after all.

I finished my 5th week on The Job. As The Job was originally spec'd as a 6-week contract with possible renewal "if you are enthusiastic, do good work, and we like you...", I have hopes it may be extended into something longer term.

Saturday we went down to Orchard Supply Hardware after brunch and bought a new canvas tarp for the hot tub enclosure (we use a tarp as a roof). The ond tarp had been in place for about 5 years and had degraded badly. It had been developing ore holes and recently three bungee cords popped. Rich installed the new one while I took a nap. It looks great!

While we were at OSH we also bought a plant for Rich's cubicle at SLAC - we got a nice pink impatiens in a hanging pot. It's pretty with dark green (almost green black) leaves and bright pink flowers. Rich has been thinking that the place he works is a bit, well, its style is "industrial grunge"; he hopes a plant might brighten things up.

I've almost finished Flatlander, a collection of stories about Gil Hamilton, ARM, by Larry Niven. If you like futuristic detective stories, you'll like these. Then I'll get back to Lord Darcy, a collection by Randall Garrett (alternate-history detective fiction ;-)

In between and around the rest, I've had plenty of naps (a three-day weekend plus a couple of weekdays when I came home from working and snuggled into a nap with the kitties for a couple of hours), good meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and Quality Time with Rich and the cats.

Onward and Upward.

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