Friday June 4, 2004

Week 5 on The Job

Today marked the end of my 5th week on The Job (depending how one counts; I started on a Tuesday and there has been one holiday). The Job was originally spec'd as a 6-week temporary contract. Now the question is — will they keep me on?

This particular contract is short-term, but if you are enthusiastic, do good work, and we like you, there might be more work in the future.

I've tried to be enthusiastic (hmmm... I've actually left a few meetings wondering if I've been perhaps too enthusiastic...). I believe I've done good work. I surely hope they like me; I've received complimentary feedback from several co-workers.

I'd like to stay on.

I like The Job a lot. The Company seems to be a well-focused and comfortable place to work. The people are smart and helpful and the projects are interesting. In comparison to a lot of places I've worked, it's quite mature and sane. There is certainly no shortage of work I could do (and I've heard lots of ideas from various people within the Company).

Even more important to me, it's all work I would love to be involved with. I do my best work when I'm focused on something with direct application to the company, the people, and the project. I can write practically anything (code or text), but I much prefer internal work, process improvement, documentation improvement, i.e., things that visibly affect the company, the engineers, and the product.

I also know that the Company has twice before advertised a position for an "Internal" Tech writer — last Fall for a "Technical Writer for Software Development" (I almost interviewed for that one, but events conspired against me at the time; sigh) and then earlier this year for a "Software Architecture Documenter". Apparently, neither position was filled. In fact, the "Software Architecture Documenter" position is still listed as open on the Company "Careers with Us" web page. I take that as a positive sign. I've discovered, over the years, that it doesn't matter how much a company likes you or how much work there is to be done... they still can't hire you unless they have an approved, open req.

I believe that I match the criteria for the "Software Architecture Documenter" perfectly. After 5 weeks, perhaps I have also convinced the Powers That Be within the Company that I match the criteria perfectly. I hope so. With luck, I'll have positive news before the end of Week 6.

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