Wednesday June 2, 2004

Shaolin Soccer

Having purchased the DVD a couple of months ago, we finally watched Shaolin Soccer last night. It was a good night for mindless entertainment.

This is one of those fun, must-see, good bad movies. It's silly, it's inane, it's very funny. The subtitling is pretty bad (which adds to the fun).

The plot is simple. Some 20 years ago, Hung (the bad guy) paid off "Golden Leg" Fung to throw a soccer match. He also paid off the fans to attack Golden Leg when he lost. Fast forward 20 years and Fung works for Hung; Fung is lame with a dragging leg; he dresses like a custodian and hauls equipment around. Hung wears shades, turtle necks, and fancy jackets, smokes small cigars, and owns a winning soccer team called the Evil Team (to tell it like it is).

When Fung brings up Hungs "promise" of allowing him to coach, Hung laughs and tells Fung he never meant it. Miserable, Fung goes out to wander the streets where he meets Sing, a handsome young monk, devotee of Shaolin Kung-Fu, posessor of the "Mighty Steel Leg", currently ekeing out a meager living collecting garbage.

Fung wants a soccer team to pit again the Evil Team in the upcoming championships. Sing wants a way to show the world the Way of Shaolin Kung-Fu. The obvious (to the viewer) match between the two takes some time (and some silly twists) to come about but it finally does come together and Fung finds himself with a killer soccer team. What could possibly go wrong now?

Well, for one thing, Hung cheats.

The special effects are great fun.

A kicked ball morphs into a fiery comet and then a flaming tiger as it races across the field. Another ball creates a vortex as it flies through the air, chewing up the field and everything in its path. Players constantly defy the laws of physics by leaping several stories and doing impossible back-flips. At one point, the impact of supersonic soccer balls blows the unlucky goalie away.

[ cf Miramax - Story synopsis ]

I liked the tiger but watch that same scene for Good vs. Evil embodied - there were definitely some enjoyable effects on the soccer field.

Rent it, watch it, enjoy it.

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