Saturday May 29, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (Sunday May 23 - Saturday May 29)

The weather was warm early in the week (my car actually was too hot when I got into it in the afternoons). Then it was foggy for two days. The weather has been pretty nice since Friday.

This week marked my 4th week on The Job. The Job is a 6-week contract; I hope I get extended or converted or whatever... I rather like the place. I've had plenty of work to do lately. I've been revising 3 engineerig specs and a couple of how-tos. I've been to several meetings. I've made some suggestions that people liked. I think I'm doing good work. I know they could use my skills. I hope they think so too. And hey! I got my first pay check! I haven't had one of those since last November!

It's kinda worrisome that, as I look back over this past week, I don't see much worth talking about. I get up, feed the cats, eat breakfast, then get in the car and drive down to The Job where I work for 8 and a half hours and then drive home. At home I either take a nap, read, or check email (if I'm feeling up to it). Rich gets home between 7 and 8, we decide what to have for diner, go do that, come home and crash. Maybe I read before bed; maybe we sit in the tub. The next day we do it all again. Monday through Friday tends to be very much the same; only the meals have been changed to provide some differentiation between the days.

On Sunday we went to the Fish Market. I had white clam chowder and Mahi Mahi in lime & butter sauce; Rich had red clam showder and clams marinara. We finished up with apple crisp ala mode (macadamia nut brittle ice cream).

Monday we had spinach salad w/ grilled chicken and a cream sauce pasta at Pasta Pomodoro. Tuesday we went to the Korean Garden for Bi Bim Bob aand Kalbi. The Kalbi was good; the rest wasn't as good as I remembered from times past...

Wednesday night we went up to Joes of Westlake for dinner and split the 22 oz T-bone and a caesar salad w/ chicken; then went home and ate half of the piece of "chocolate cake w/o flour" that Rich brought home from the cafeteria at lunch. Yummmmmm. Thursday night was North South Chinese and potstickers, Wor won ton soup and egg rolls.

Friday night Rich got home early for a chiropractor appointmant; afterwards, I suggested we drive back down to Los Altos for Indian buffet. They have great Nan, yummy tandoori chicken, no cucumbers in the raaita, and a terrific "stew" of vegetables, a few potatoes, and cheese in a yellow sauce that has no curry at all!

Tonight we rounded off the week with fajitas and a strawberry daquiri at Chevy''s (I get the pork ribs). Oddly, Chevy's was not full on a Saturday night.After dinner we had flan with kahlua and I asked if I could get some extra "cookies" and the waiter brought me a little plastic tub of busted ones. They're chocolate "tortilla" cookies (probably sopapillas; most wonderful and light)

I wrote and mailed checks this week. A boring job but somebody's got to do it.

A friend sent me another of those "Get to Know your Friends and Relatives" surveys; this one was a little bit differeent. I really like these, so I completed it and sent it on (and back, as requested).

I've been reading Randall Garrett's "Lord Darcy" (a collection) and Larry Niven's "Flatlander" (also a collection); I'm swapping back and forth. After dinner tonight we went up to Barnes & Noble and had fun finding new books to add to the growing stack that I don't find time to read...

In between and around the rest, I've had not nearly enough naps, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles with the cats. Raven especially does his best to keep me from leaving the house on weekday mornings! I didn't chat much with my Dad this week — Mom & Dad are off on a trip to Dallas to visit my sister — but I did send a letter to my sister. I'm behind on my mailing lists and weblogs (sigh). It was a busy Work week but a slow Home week.

Onward and Upward.

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