Tuesday May 18, 2004

Writing Groups

I have often mentioned that one of my entries in this space is in response to a writing prompt from one group or another. I currently subscribe to 8 such online writing groups! If you like to write (especially if you keep a journal — online or off), you may be interested in joining a writing group. There are many such (also both online and off ;-). These are the ones I like.

The Art of Personal Writing — The Art of Personal Writing is a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Using mythos, dreams, memories, symbolism, synchronicity, and imagery, we go beyond the limits of a diary or online journal. Here members will be given a suggestion each week as a topic to write about. It is hoped that you will write about the topic within your own personal journal. After editing and cleaning it up, you may print it here on the list. This is an attempt to inspire and encourage depth and awareness for anyone interested in personal writing.

Daily Writing Practice — This group is dedicated to daily writing practice using the book A Writer's Book of Days: A Spirited Companion and Lively Muse for the Writing Life by Judy Reeves. Daily prompts, discussions, to get you writing every day.

Everyday Matters — Everyday Matters is a cocktail party for journaers, artists, sketchers, doodlers, and people who just like to look at pretty pictures. It's an ongoing discussion about creativity, drawing, journal making and seeing more clearly. This group started as an offshoot of Danny Gregory's weblog, Everyday Matters.

Journal Inspirations — Are you seeking journaling inspiration? Here you will find experienced and newbie journalers that offer writing ideas, prompts, quotes, friendship, laughs and warmth. Our members post prompts, one a day for a week, to get the rest of us writing. Prompting is expansive and diverse, as you're on the giving end of it for a change. Try it! Please subscribe and read Post #3579 to see how it's done!

For more inspiration, visit Inspired to Journal. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of new articles, books and links!

Journal Writing — Journal writing, inspiration, creativity, self-improvement. This list is for anyone interested in keeping any type of journal and for personal inspiration. It is about personal growth, self-exploration, and motivation through journal writing. We will share thoughts and ideas about journaling, and we will share inspirational quotes, poems, stories, writing prompts to get writing started and help uplift our members. As long as it is related to keeping a journal, it is allowed.

Purple Ink — Purple Ink is an e-mail list for all doodlers, journalers, diarists, writers, sketchers, dream-catchers, list-makers, jotters, word artists, and note-takers to exchange ideas, prompts, inspiration, resources, and perhaps even images of their "work".

Purple Ink covers more than simply the nuts and bolts of keeping a journal. It is just as much about our lives as journal keepers - who we are, what we believe in, what we love, and what drives us crazy. The threads gently tumble along, covering everything from physics to Moon Pies. Almost any topic has the potential to lead us into a rousing discussion of pens, books, or food. If you are looking strictly for writing prompts, this is not the group for you.

Scribe Tribe — The ScribeTribe is an unmoderated electronic mailing list for the discussion of journals and diaries: why we write them, excerpts from published journals, excerpts from your diary, suggested diary exercises and related subjects. It's a warm, intimate group of really great people with awesome intellects, razor-sharp wit, and tremendous capacity for honesty and understanding. We are truly interested in the day-to-day details of the lives and loves of our list members.

Writer Friends — Come share your thoughts and stories with us! Tell us about your place in this wonderful world! A place to feel safe with your words, and make new friends.

In addition to the prompts and discussions on the list, a couple of times a month, the group posts a Photo, a Topic, a set of Words, a Poem Word, and a Song title on the web page to provide an extra creative jolt for the members.

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