Sunday May 16, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (May 9 - May 15)

The weather has been mostly cool, with fog in the mornings changing to sunny and blue in the afternoon. The wind has been pretty strong for much of the days as well. Today it was really windy!

We tried to go out to breakfast last Sunday, but it being Mothers Day, most places had lines. Worse than that, the first place we tried had raised their prices by $10 for the occasion ("weekend night price all day") and I was offended.

We ended up going home, where I put together Eggs American Cafe. The dish is a favorite of Rich's and mine from the American Cafe, a restaurant in Washington DC. We couldn't bring the restaurant with us when we moved but we could bring the recipe. We don't make it often, as it's very rich (and a bit of work to do) but oh my is it yummy! I make a really good Hollandaise sauce, too, if I do say so myself.

This week, at least, I had a few tasks to perform at The Job. A Job is more interesting when there's work to do.

I bought a little Whirlpool cubicle fridge (it's a cube itself, 1.6 cu ft) for $58 at Lowes to take to The Job and put under the corner of the desk. It's nice to have that. Rich thinks I should have bought the larger model and his reasoning is sound but I didn't want one that big. I can barely lift the small one and besides, it fits under the keyboard tray. I checked the prices at Target and on the web; $58 was very good.

I got a second monitor at The Job, an AOC 9Glr, quite a spiffy 19" CRT with 1600 by 1200 resolution at 75Hz! And for under $200 SRP. Wow. Rich is considering getting one for his Job.

We celebrated Raven's second birthday. We don't know exactly when Raven was born; he can't remember and nobody we know was there! But we think it was sometime in the spring of 2002; he was about a year old when he joined our family.

Because we got to choose, we picked a meaningful and auspicious date. May 12 marks Raven's "coming out day", the day he was released from Purgatory (aka Quarantine) and joined the rest of the household as a full member of the family, with all of the rights and privileges thereof!

Bari, who rescued Raven and was brave enough to put him on the airplane, called to wish him Many Happy Returns of the Day. Mwrp!

Some weirdness occurred with the broken Royal 5000X shredder that went belly up and we returned last month for a refund. I got a phone message from A1-4 Electronics (the people we bought it from); the Royal people were claiming they never received the return. I finally found the tracking number in email; I can't find the receipt. "Proactive Solutions" (the Royal dealer) signed for the delivery 6 days after I sent it, back on April 21. OK. Then A1-4 said I might actually be able to get a refund for the money spent to ship the thing back iff I can find the receipt (which I think is no more). So, I planned to go the next day to the Packaging store and see if I could get a duplicate ( I called UPS; even given the tracking number, they can't look up the dimensions, only the weight, and they can't tell me what I paid. Weird).

Even weirder, UPS delivered a brand-new boxed shredder on the same evening that I received the phone message in the morning. Huh?? We did not ask for a replacement This is a really dumb replacement too; it's a different model cross cut shredder and only does 10 sheets. Big deal. Our 7000X (which we were replacing) did 7. And we have a shredder. We don't want another Royal; we want a refund.

So, the next morning, I called A1-4 and they will look into the latest wrinkle (sigh). That afternoon, I visited the Packaging store and (yay!) the proprietor was able to look up my transaction and (after several frustrating tries; the screens did not have print menus!) did something to create a duplicate receipt — printed on label stock :-)

I have been listening to during the day; I've discovered Loreena McKennitt. Her style is Celtic Rennaissance, or, as her website calls it, celtic ecletcic. Whatever you call it, it's lovely.

We stopped in at Petco today because we're nearly out of crunchies for elevenses (the kitties' bedtime snack), While I was there, I looked in on the lizards and toadyfrogs. I wouldn't want to keep and care for one, but I rather like to look and admire. They had some nice little lizards, some bright green ones I don't recall the name of and some baby bearded dragons (very handsome). They also had some very fancy toadyfrogs called fire bellied toads. The latter have bright green backs with black spots and bright orange tummies with black spots, very colorful.

I've been reading The Hands of Healing Murder, by Barbara D'Amato; it's her first and clearly not her best work. It's slow; it plods; the characters are boring. I may just skip to the end and find out Who Dunnit and move on to another book.

In between and around the rest, I've had a few naps, several good meals, some wonderful lunch salads, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and snuggles and games with the cats. I continue to "chat" nightly with my Dad, and have managed to keep my weblogs and email reading reasonably up to date.

I was less exhausted this week when I got home. I'm working from 8am to 4:30 pm; it's really nice to be home before 5! This week, I also managed to restrain myself and not have a bagel on Friday morning (having eaten breakfast that morning helped considerably). Workplaces are minefields of frequent free food.

Onward and Upward.

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