Friday May 14, 2004

Discovering Loreena McKennitt

I have been listening to during the day. They play a lot of orchestral pieces, occasional opera bits (Der Felgenfische :-( and, with some regularity, Loreena McKennitt.

The first time I heard one, I thought the piece was lovely. I checked the artist and title and made a note. The second time, I did the same thing and discovered that, again, it was Loreena McKennitt. I've begun to recognize her voice and style in the first few bars. It's Celtic Rennaissance. Her website calls it celtic ecletic. Whatever you call it, I think it's lovely.

Ms McKennitt has her own record label, Quinlan Road, and her music is available for purchase through the website (as well as through other shopping venues). I've ordered most of her CDs. :-)

Try some!

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