Tuesday May 11, 2004

Goodie Two Shoes

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Thursday Threesome ]

Onesome: Goodie--
What is your your favorite "goodie" you treat yourself to when you've finished a project or maybe even just survived a long day? Ice cream? ...a long bath? ...a good book?

Twosome: Two--
Two things that make you smile! No thinking, just write!

Threesome: Shoes--
...and how about your favorite pair of shoes? You know, the ones you look for an occasion to wear! (Yes, guys that ratty pair of tennis shoes does count...)

Onesome: -- ...favorite goodie

These days, I treat myself to a liedown with one or more kitties snuggled close.

long ago and far away, when I was in College, I'd treat myself to a Baby Ruth bar whenever I successfully navidated a Math or Physics test :-)

Twosome: --...make you smile

My hooman sweetie Richard and our cats. That's actually four things, but I can't help it!

Threesome: --...shoes?

My favorite pair of shoes is the pair I wear all of the time; I don't have "occasional" shows. For outdoor wear, I love my Peaks velcro-closure leather tennies. At home, around the house, I mostly wear my Lands End fleece booties.

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