Sunday May 9, 2004

Weekly Wrap-up (May 2 - May 8)

The past week was very busy (if not very interesting) because I started a new job on Tuesday. So, 9 hours a day (except 8 on Tuesday) was spent in a small, dark, cubicle exploring the new job. I have a computer; I have a keyboard. trackball, and small whiteboard (brought from home). I have a ball to sit on. I have wrist rests; I have the keyboard holder arranged to my liking. What I don't have, yet, is much work to do. Wish me luck that will change soon.

The Camry spouted a small radiator leak on Thursday night as Rich was driving home, so we got up at 6:30 Friday morning and went down to the Auto Repair shop at 7 to drop off the car. Then we dropped me off at my job at 7:25 and Rich took the Corolla down to his job. So I managed to get in 9 and a quarter hours. I could have taken the bus home in the afternoon; as it turns out; the bus runs every half hour and stops about a block from where I work. T the other end, it stops just over the hill from our house.

This time, however, I got a ride from a friend; unfortunately, he got lost trying to find my building (he kept driving up and down the wrong street) but I finally located him because I had decided to walk out to the main street to meet him halfway and he saw me from the fast foodery where he had been trying to call Information.

Saturday was a pretty good day, it being Saturday and all! I had a good breakfast at our favorite diner; I had a good nap with the cats. The Camry was finished by 5 and we asked the shop to leave it on the street; we picked it up before dinner.

We tried a new restaurant; it was crowded but not overcrowded on a Saturday night. This was a Mexican Slalvadorian place. We already have one we like in San Francisco but it's a bit of a haul and I don't much like going into that part of the City for dinner. We both like the Salvadorean places as we're both partial to pupusas (which, contrary to the glossary entries found on the web, are not particularly oily!) and platanos y crema (fried plantains w/ sour cream). Rich's chicken dish was quite good, as were the pupusas aand platanos, so we'll go back.

After dinner we went up to Barnes & Noble, always a fun excursion. I had two books to take back but we replaced them with several new ones. :-)

In other news, the Friday Five web meme has ended, after a 2 and a half year run. My response to this week's Saturday Slant is posted on commentary, my "other" weblog.

I finished Mary Brown's Dragonne's Eg this week. It was a pleasant read, albeit a tad light on plot and characterization.

In between and around the rest, I've had a few naps (though not nearly as many as I would have liked), some excellent meals, interesting conversations with Spouse and friends, and games with the cats. I've "chatted" nearly every night with my Dad, who pops in before bedtime (EDT) to ask how my day went.

Onward and Upward.

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